We heard the Holy Spirit say very clearly, “2017 will be The Year of Light!” He said that this would be a year where the light of deep revelation would dawn enabling us to know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit better than ever before; to know others in our lives in a far deeper and more intimate fashion; and to know people we are seeking to reach for Jesus with clear spiritual insights that would help us to minister to them more effectively. Yes, 2017 will indeed be The Year of Light.

The Bible is a book of light—both literally and figuratively. From the dawning of creation, light springs forth as the first created thing. At the end of the Scriptures, light destroys all traces of darkness, as the glory of God becomes the eternal source of light—rendering the sun, moon and stars obsolete. In between the beginning and end of God’s Word, light is used to describe the epic battle between good and evil, as well as represent the revelation of knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding that God wants to be the permanent possession of all faithful and focused followers of Christ Jesus.

According to John 1:1-9, the greatest revelation of God the Father’s light is found in God the Son, Jesus Christ. He came to earth as the Word, the very radiant revelation of the divine purposes and plans for all of mankind. He came to be the life and light of all men—to bring them into the eternal design and destiny intended from before the beginning of the world. We must look to this light to grace us and guide us as we seek to fix our focus in the Glorious One Who will lead and light our lives.

Look to the person and presence of light. Jesus, without a doubt, is the Light of the World. His person and presence bring us the flood and force of life and light that reveals Who He is and who we are in Him. He, and only He, is the One Who can reveal to us the righteous requirements and resources that are available to us by God’s grace. When we look to Him, we look to life and light. 

Look to the perfection and power of light. Light is a perfect and powerful resource to dispel darkness and reveal things as they truly are. As we look to the light that is found in Christ Jesus, darkness will give way to a pristine clarity concerning what it means to live in a consecrated and deeply-committed devotion to Jesus. If we are to be a holy people, we must be a people who see clearly and act decisively. 

Look to the purpose and path of light. One of the purposes of light is to lead people as they move from one place to another. Jesus came to reveal the ultimate purpose of God the Father for people and to show them the path that leads by His light to fulfilling that purpose. For us, Jesus is still leading us and guiding us toward and from one divine destination to another. He, by the Word and the Spirit, will light our path and lead our way so that we arrive where He is taking us and apprehend what He is giving us.

Remember: When we look to the light, Jesus the Lord of Light, we will have the radiant revelation needed to grace us and guide us to arrive at the divine destinations His will and wisdom have determined.