“On dry cliffs of desert mountains, a small evergreen springs up and splits the rocks. It perseveres through blistering drought. It holds fast through monsoons and erosions. It draws life from chalky remains of upheaved oceans. Its rugged and scraggly limbs have healing in their veins and perfume in their pores.

“Awakened with fire, its aromatic essence stimulates the mind and heals the body. Its sweet, fresh, earthy, woody fragrance comforts and soothes.” – Greg Hagan

Frankincense—a treasure of kings, priests and sages—desired by nobles and commoners alike. A precious gift offered by wise men to the Holy Child, Jesus the Christ.

Frankincense was offered by Jewish priests to extol and worship the Living God. This is a beautiful picture of Jesus our Great High Priest who offered Himself as a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God the Father, and the One Who is worthy of receiving the sweet smelling sacrifice of our lives laid down and lifted up as God the Son.

The word extol means “to praise highly; laud; eulogize (to speak wondrously well of). Extolling Christ as Lord means that we lift Him high and laud Him from the heart with long, loud and loving praise as Christ and Lord.

Extolling Christ With Costly Passion The wise men laid down their lives for this journey. Every part of their being was given over to this mission of finding the King of the Jews and giving Him the wealth of worship He deserved. These men felt so strongly about what they had heard and seen and the One for whom they were seeking, that they gave it their everything. What about us? Are our lives truly being laid down and lifted up for Christ? The cost of producing and processing frankincense to be a perfume of great price was expensive and extravagant. We must prepare and pour out our lives in like manner.

Extolling Christ With Consecrated Praise The wise men were diligently searching for the King of the Jews and the King of all Kings. When they found him, they fell down before Him and worshiped Him. They didn’t merely kneel down and acknowledge Him with respect for a king; they fell down and worshiped Him as THE KING! They opened their treasures and presented Him with frankincense—a gift of priestly praise and worship for the Great High Priest, worthy of all worship and praise. And what of us? Have we set apart a special and unparalleled measure of praise and worship for our King and Lord? We must set apart and serve Jesus with the treasure of lives offered to Him as a sweet -smelling sacrifice.

Extolling Christ With Continual Prayer Incense represents offering up prayer and praise continually. Revelation 5:8 speaks of golden bowls of incense, representing all types of prayer and praise from believers. These golden bowls are full of the spiritual offerings that believers have presented to the Lord. In the Tabernacle and the Temple, the Altar of Incense was to burn continually, representing God’s people praising Him and calling on Him in prayer night and day. And representing God hearing and responding to His people night and day. As we offer the fragrance of faith and devotion to God the Father through Jesus the Son, Who ever lives to make intercession for us, we will see His kingdom come and His will be done in the earth.

Remember: The fragrance of faith and devotion will rise as we extol Christ with costly passion. The fragrance of faith and devotion will rise as we extol Chris with consecrated praise. And the fragrance of faith and devotion will rise as we extol Christ with continual prayer.