As you’ll recall, we hosted a contest for New Song Women during the summertime during our “Home Sweet Home” series. Angela Robinson was our winner, so we had the honor of working with her on a re-design of one of the rooms in her beautiful home.

When we first got to Angela Robison’s home, we had a hard time trying to figure out which room she had chosen for Amanda and I to re-design. Her lovely, little, vintage home, which she shares with her husband Brian, was charming, partially renovated and smelled of freshly baked paleo muffins.(Which makes everything better. Am I right?)

With muffin in hand, she directed us to a room which served many purposes. Part office, part library, part music room and anything else that didn’t fit into any other room. Generally this kind of room tends to fall into the “eclectic” style by it’s very nature, so when we embraced that, things really began to fall into place.




Our first task was to evaluate the job at hand and prioritize the things that the Robisons really wanted in that room. The room already had great natural light, was painted a pale “latte” color and had beautiful original wood floors. So we could concentrate on the furniture placement and accessories. Rather than having the furniture line the walls, we decided to use the club chairs and sofa to create a warm and inviting seating area where they could have conversations with friends, read or listen to albums from the album collection her father gave her. We then placed Angela’s desk prominently in front of the windows, hopefully inspiring even more creativity on days she works from home.



With these zones created in the room, we then flanked the single window with her book shelves, and borrowed accessories from around the house to accentuate the mantle and dress the the accent tables, desk and remaining shelf space. Careful to respect the open spaces as well the decorated ones.











When all was said and done, I was surprised how Angela and Brian’s personalities came through with the thoughtful collection of things that represent what’s really important to them – their love for the nations, worship, health and family.

I loved working with Amanda on this project and Angela was a dream client! That’s a formula for great results every time!

 By Beth Rhora

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