11-14-16-wftw-1Last week we focused on the importance of developing an attitude of gratitude for God’s grace in Christ Jesus. This precious grace saves us, sanctifies us, secures us and satisfies us. The only appropriate response to this gift of grace is to lift up words of praise and thanksgiving to a good and gracious God.

This week we are focusing on having a grateful heart for God’s goodness in Christ Jesus. God’s love and goodness moved and motivated Him to provide what was necessary for God’s good and perfect plan to be fulfilled in the lives of those who needed seeking and saving. So, let’s again declare words of gratitude and thanksgiving for the gifts of a good and gracious God.

“Father God, we are grateful for Your goodness in Christ Jesus that reveals Your divine essence.” God is essentially and substantively good. His goodness is a divine attribute that flows into everything that He does. When God revealed Himself to Moses on Mount Sinai, He described Himself as overflowing with goodness (Exo. 34:6-8). The word goodness In Hebrew describes God’s steadfast, covenantal love and loyalty. This is similar to love in marriage—full of covenantal responsibilities but also filled with intimacy and joy in voluntarily giving one’s life for another. Psalm 107 draws attention to God’s care for His people in the wilderness, where His works are described as wonderful, full of goodness and worthy of thanksgiving and deep gratitude.

But, as always, the pinnacle of God’s revelation and release of His gracious goodness is the gift of Christ Jesus. Everywhere Jesus went and in the lives of everyone He touched, He only did what was good to help and heal those He touched. Jesus was indeed God’s goodness incarnate (Acts 10:38).

“Father God, we are grateful for Your goodness in Christ Jesus that reveals Your dramatic exploits.” Psalm 103:1-5 describes the excellencies of God’s exploits on behalf of His people. God is always at work rescuing, resourcing and rewarding His people with the blessings and benefits His goodness grants. He indeed is a good, good Father who loves to give good things to His loving and loyal children who ask in faith and dependence (Matt. 7:11).

But the ultimate expression of the excellence of His exploits is found in His victory over sin and death through the crucifixion and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Jesus was the consummate and complete “good and perfect gift” that came down to us from the “Father of lights” (James 1:17).

“Father God, we are grateful for Your goodness in Christ Jesus that reveals Your dynamic effects.” The dynamic effect of God’s goodness in the offering of His Holy Son is that believing people are transformed more and more into the glorious image of the Glorious Christ. God’s goodness always produces good results and outcomes in the lives of those who open themselves fully to Him. His redeeming work is the cause, and redemption’s wealth the dynamic effect. The effect of God’s goodness is an ongoing process of spiritual growth—from glory to glory to glory! Because He is good, we can be good and do good. In His goodness, by the work of the Spirit, we will find His goodness being our goodness.

Remember: The goodness of God flows from His heart of love and loyalty for a people redeemed by the sacrifice of His Son. We must rejoice in His benevolent benefits and blessings with hearts filled with deep and devoted gratitude and thanksgiving.