As we come into this Thanksgiving season, we feel the Spirit’s prompting to earnestly emphasize the great things God has done and continues to do for us in and through Christ Jesus. We will be reflecting on and responding to God’s works of grace and goodness with profound gratitude. This, we believe, will fix our focus on our faithful God, preparing for Him the “feast of thanksgiving” He so richly deserves.

The Scriptures tell us in Colossians 3:15-17 that when God’s peace rules in our hearts, thanksgiving should follow. As the word of Christ dwells deeply and richly in us, our natural response will be to open our mouths with gladness and gratitude in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ and to our Heavenly Father who graciously provided Him as our Savior King.

Our first focus of gratitude is God’s grace in Christ Jesus. God’s grace is a free gift lovingly poured out for all. His grace includes His unmerited favor toward us and His divine enabling and empowering within us and upon us. God’s grace cannot be earned by anyone, but it certainly can be embraced and enjoyed by everyone. Let’s declare our heartfelt gratitude for God’s grace as we look freshly at its amazing blessings and benefits.

“Father God, we are grateful for Your grace in Christ Jesus that saves us.” Ephesians 2:8 tells us that we have been saved by grace alone through faith alone. No one can earn salvation; it is the unmerited gift of God’s gracious favor upon a person. This great salvation of rescuing and delivering consists of three main components: saved and delivered from God’s wrath, Satan’s rule, and sin’s dominance. God had a plan from the beginning to destroy sin without destroying sinners. Through the vicarious death of His Sinless Son, all could be saved through repentance and faith. And the primary purpose of this payment for sin was so that His original design and calling for mankind could be restored and greatly enhanced. Let us give thanks for this!

“Father God, we are grateful for Your grace in Christ Jesus that sanctifies us.” I Thessalonians 5:23 tells us that it is God’s desire and determination to set us apart completely, spirit, soul and body, for His divine purpose and plan. You and I were made new creations in Christ Jesus on purpose—for purpose. Where we were once vessels of dishonor, now we are vessels of honor that have been, and continue to be, cleansed, consecrated and called to live lives that bring great glory to God and great good to man. We have been sanctified by God’s grace for goodness and greatness. Let us give thanks for this!

“Father God, we are grateful for Your grace in Christ Jesus that secures us.” John 10:27-29 tells us that, because we are part of the Good and Great Shepherd’s flock and members of the Father’s family, we are safe and secure. As the lyrics to In Christ Alone state, “No power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand.” As we remain in an abiding relationship with the Father and the Son, we receive the protection and power we need to move confidently and courageously through life. As we have said so many times, “When the servant of God walks in faith and obedience, they are indestructible until God’s plan for them is complete.” Think of it—security, safety and serenity through the gracious gift of the Savior provided by a loving and ever-watchful Father God. Let us give thanks for this!

“Father God, we are grateful for your grace in Christ Jesus that satisfies us.” In I Timothy 1:14, Paul tells Timothy of the super-abundant supply of God’s grace available to all who believe. It is grace that flows as a force and flood that saturates and satisfies every need. From Genesis to Revelation, God continually promises that every hunger and every thirst of men’s souls would be richly and deeply filled if they would look to Him as their daily source. God is not only aware of our every need, He has the ability to meet our every need. And beyond that, it is His good pleasure to supply generous provision to a grateful people through His great grace. Let us give thanks for this!

Remember: Deep gratitude for God’s grace in Christ Jesus that saves, sanctifies, secures and satisfies is not only fitting and right, it also settles our hearts and strengthens our faith.