At our last New Song Nashville Gathering, Dr. David Shibley brought a powerful and prophetic word specifically for our church family (I Cor. 3:9-11). He spoke of six pillars of truth that provide support, strength and stability for our lives. It was a timely word of truth that is much needed in this season of uncertainty and unrest in our nation. We will revisit this word to let it get down deeply into our hearts.

As we look ahead to a soon-approaching election day, it is critical that we recognize and remind ourselves that we have enduring and eternal truths that provide a “faith-framework” for a people who are committed to the proposition that there are undeniable and unimpeachable truths that we can count on and cling to. In the Scriptures, the Church is referred to as the “pillar and ground of truth” (I Tim. 3:15). We, of all people, must be those who embrace divine truths and express divine truths to others.

The first pillar is the authority of Scripture. We are told in the Scriptures that every word of It is inspired and imparted by God Himself (II Tim. 3:16). As we submit to its authority and come into agreement with its answers, we will be guided by grace and grounded for growth. If we let the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit be our truth and our trusted treasure, we will move in divine authority and anointing to plunder hell and populate heaven.

The second pillar is the supremacy of Christ. When we gather under the cross of Christ and before His empty tomb, we position ourselves for partnership and power. Jesus is Lord of everything and everyone (Col. 1:15-20). When we make the Savior our strength and our support, we ensure that we will have peace with God and influence and impact with man.

The third pillar is the primacy of the gospel. We must make the good news of Jesus Christ’s love and power our first priority. There is only one way to be reconciled to God—the person and saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its message and ministry must be in our hearts and on our lips (I Cor. 15:1-4).

The fourth pillar is the potency of the Spirit. The potency of the Spirit has to do with the Holy Spirit’s authority and power. The Holy Spirit gives us unlimited potential to be fully effective in proclamation and power. With the support and strength of the Spirit, we can accomplish anything and everything needed to transmit light and transform lives (Eph. 5:18).

The fifth pillar is the integrity of our witness. We are called to be authentic and accurate representatives for Christ (II Cor. 5:20). We must represent Jesus well before the peoples of the earth. When our word and our witness are clear and consistent, it helps those we seek to help to receive our message and our ministry.

The sixth pillar is the priority of the Great Commission. We are called to preach the gospel and make disciples. These are two sides of the same “coin.” This “pillar of divine purpose” will light our path and lead our way into a fruitful future in the Lord. When we make a great commitment to the Great Commission, we will live a life of true mission and transformational ministry (Matt. 28:18-20).

Remember: When the church is truly the church that is supported by pillars of eternal truth, we can be a covenantal community of care and support for the people of God, and we will be a force in the earth that brings care and support for the peoples of the world.