For various reasons, Peter was not clear that the scope of God’s grace extended to the whole world and that the gift of salvation with all its benefits and blessings was available to all people—freely and fully. As a Jew who had spent his lifetime avoiding the idolatry and immorality of the Gentiles, he had prejudged them as not being candidates for the fullness of God’s grace and goodness in Christ Jesus. He believed that the pathway for a Gentile to come to faith and fullness in Christ was to become a proselyte, embracing Jewish law and being circumcised. He was wrong. But as a man on the move and on mission with Jesus, his knowledge, wisdom and spiritual understanding were growing. Revelation was rising as Peter was going in faith and obedience

As we saw last week, Peter received a deep and dynamic revelation concerning God’s cleansing and consecrating work being accomplished in the lives of any and all who would repent from sin and dead works and put their faith in God’s redemptive work in the crucified and resurrected Jesus (Acts 10:1-23). He fully responded to the revelation and headed out to the house of Cornelius, a man who worshipped the God of Israel and gave to others generously.

When he arrived, Peter received further revelation about why he was called there. He preached the gospel of grace through faith and saw a historic and unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles there. Cornelius, his relatives and friends were miraculously and marvelously saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized in water—all because a man named Peter kept going and growing in Christ’s mission (Acts 10:24-48).

As with Peter, as you go, you will know. Peter’s preconceptions and prejudices were giving way to a fuller revelation of the redemptive reach of God through Christ Jesus. There was indeed no preference or partiality with God. It was always in His heart to provide a way for all people to be joint-heirs of the inheritance of God’s great grace. Peter saw it; so must we. Let every wall of misunderstanding or mistrust be torn down by the revelation of God’s power to save to the uttermost those who are perishing. Let us pull down, push through and push on for the gospel.

As with Peter, as you go, grace will grow. When Peter arrived at Cornelius’ house, he not only received further revelation, he also received a further impartation of God’s grace for the task. He preached the gospel with passion and prophetic precision. He knew what to say and how to say it. Grace was growing in his going. The same is true for us. Every new possibility for impact will be met with a new capacity through the increased impartation of God’s grace.

As with Peter, as you go, power will flow. As Peter was preaching, the power of the Holy Spirit fell on those who heard the word. They were powerfully saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The words of Peter were confirmed with the signs that followed. The door to the Gentile world had been opened because of a faithful disciple’s openness and obedience to the will of His Lord. Peter is one of us—people going wherever he leads us, growing in revelation, impartation and demonstration.
Everything we need, the Holy Spirit will provide exactly when it’s needed.

Remember: When we go to unfamiliar places and to unfamiliar people, God will reveal His passion, plan and power for them, enabling us share His love, light and life with them through the Lord Jesus Christ.