Last week was our Life Group Go Week, where we went home-to-home, heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand with the prayer of faith and the gospel of grace. The results were deeply encouraging. Lives were touched by the love and power of Jesus Christ, and seeds were sown as God’s good news was shared. There were many “stories from the street” as the New Song Family was on the move with missional passion, power and purpose.

We saw some of our young people take an apartment complex by storm. They prayed, praised and proclaimed the gospel for six hours. There were people congregating in the hallway to get in on what was going on who also received prayer. These same young people wound up in the home of an Indian couple, sharing and discussing the truth about Jesus until midnight.

Others encountered Muslims who were open to hearing the gospel and receiving prayer as well. Truth was shared and sown with the hope of future conversations to follow. They shared the radiant light, life and love of God in Christ Jesus with people who are bound in a drab and dark false religion. Let’s believe for a great awakening in the lives of Muslims in our communities.

Then there were those who dealt with resistance, refusal and rejection. There were people who didn’t want prayer and were not open to the gospel. But our New Song family members discovered that God’s grace was growing as they kept on going. They were able to shake off the “dust of discouragement” and keep moving on mission with Jesus, finding far more people wanting prayer than those who didn’t. They, and we, are believing that those who were not open will be in the future.

Some of our families shared freshly baked cookies as they went home-to-home. As people opened their doors to receive these goodies, they were also offered prayer, praise, proclamation and power. The cookies were not a ploy but rather a present of love for their neighbors. Many people were touched by the thoughtful gesture and, more importantly, by the transformational truth of the love and power of Jesus Christ to save and secure.

Several people also encountered and connected with believers from other churches. They were greatly strengthened and encouraged by fellow believers coming to their homes to offer loving and faith-filled prayer. They, along with numbers of unbelievers, expressed that these offers of compassionate care were timely and needed.

Like Ananias, Philip, Peter and so many others we see in the Scriptures, New Song is going with the gospel for the glory of God and the good of man. What was true for them is true for us: As the devil tries to back us down, the Lord will back us up. As we go in conviction, compassion and commitment, we will find that revelation, impartation and demonstration will be ours in ever-increasing abundance.

Remember: As our New Song family continues to go in the name and for the fame of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will know, grace will grow and power will flow according to the truth of God’s Word and the power of God’s Spirit.