Word For The Week: PeterBecause a disciple named Ananias obediently, devotedly and courageously went to a new convert named Saul, Saul’s life was dynamically and dramatically changed, as were the countless lives of many others. Saul immediately preached Jesus as the Son of God with ever-increasing impact. The church experienced peace, strength and significant growth by God’s grace.

The Apostle Peter, having been sent to go to Samaria to bring the fullness of the Holy Spirit to new converts, continued to go throughout Palestine bringing the declaration and demonstration of the gospel wherever he went. He continued to reinforce the truths that “as you go, you will know, grace will grow and power will flow.”

In Lydda, he found a man named Aeneas, who had been paralyzed for eight years. By the Spirit, he discerned the Lord’s desire to heal him. He ministered by divine grace, releasing the person and power of Jesus to miraculously heal this crippled man. The outcome of this physical restoration was many spiritual restorations as everyone who saw him healed and whole turned to the Lord Jesus and was saved. In his going, the expansion of Christ’s mission was growing.

Peter was then summoned to Joppa, a port city on the Mediterranean Sea, because a disciple named Tabitha had died. In his going, grace was consistently and continually growing. By the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ flowing, she was raised from the dead and presented alive to a community of believers no longer grieving but now gratefully rejoicing for this miracle. Through this awesome display of divine resurrection power, many believed on the crucified and divinely-resurrected Lord Jesus. (Acts 9:31-43)

This is yet another tremendous example of what happens when we get up and go with the declaration and demonstration of Jesus Christ’s love and power. The light and life of heaven are released, and people receive the revelation and the realization that abundant life and eternal life are found in Christ alone.

As with Peter, as you go, you will know. Peter’s revelation concerning where to go and what to do grew as he went–from Samaria to Lydda to Joppa. In each setting, the Holy Spirit led and guided him. He was right where he needed to be, right when he needed to be there, with the right people he needed to be with, engaging in the right works of wisdom and wonder that were needed for God’s redemptive purposes. The same is true for you and me. As we go, the revelation we need will be readily available by the truth of word and the work of the Spirit.

As with Peter, as you go, grace will grow. As Peter kept going, grace kept growing. He grew clearer, stronger and more effective as he daily went on mission with Jesus. The Lord’s divine impartation increased as the occasion demanded. The same is true for you and me. Our strength, stability and spiritual stature will grow ever more real and relevant as needed.

As with Peter, as you go, power will flow. Peter saw great power flow in Samaria, greater power in Lydda, then even greater power in Joppa. The same is true for you and me. When the Enemy tries to back us down, the Lord will back us up with the manifest, present power we need to communicate and confirm our mission, message and ministry.

Remember: You are part of a divine mission that is rooted in history and is reaching towards destiny. As you keep going, knowledge, grace and power—revelation, impartation and demonstration—will keep growing for the glory of God and the good of man.