In preparation for our Life Group GO Week, we are going to bring a series of messages on how the revelation of Jesus’ plan, the impartation of Jesus’ provision and the demonstration of Jesus’ power will grow and flow as you go with the good news of Jesus’ love and power to everyone, everywhere.

We are going to focus on a number of individuals who answered the Savior’s call to go and take the message and the ministry of the Savior to people who needed to believe in and receive its strength and sufficiency. And how, in their going, they saw the promised results produced in those they encountered.

This week, we are focusing on a disciple named Ananias. We don’t know much about him, but we know enough. He was an authentic and dedicated disciple of Jesus who was willing to go anywhere and say and do anything Jesus called him to say and do. In his case, Jesus called him to go to a new convert named Saul—a man who had been a staunch enemy of the church, but now was a newly converted follower of Jesus. Ananias was instructed to go and bring healing, spiritual fullness and immersion into full identification with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (Acts 9:10-19).

Ananias did as he was commanded, and the results were dynamic and dramatic. Saul was delivered from the darkness of blindness, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized in water. Ananias’s example offers important principles for us as we go in yielded submission to our Savior’s will and work.

As with Ananias, as you go, you will know. In your going, you will receive divine revelation. Ananias received the revelation needed to go with clarity and confidence, guided by the voice of the Lord and the vitality of the Spirit. At first, he couldn’t get his head and heart around what the Lord was saying. Saul, after all, had persecuted the church viciously and relentlessly. Why would the Lord send Ananias to such a man? The Lord gave him the answer—the knowledge and revelation he needed to get going—that Saul had surrendered to Jesus and needed a word and a deeper spiritual work to answer the call that was on his life. Ananias first had to go to the Lord, then he had to go with the Lord and then he had to go for the Lord. The same is true for you: as you go in the name of the Lord Jesus, you will know what to do and how to do it.

As with Ananias, as you go, grace will grow. In your going, you will receive divine impartation. Ananias received an ongoing and ever-growing impartation of Christ’s grace—His divine enablement and empowering to fulfill his missional assignment. As he went, he grew stronger in grace to have the anointing and ability necessary to accomplish everything that was needed. The same is true for you: as you go in the name of the Lord Jesus, you will have Christ’s strength to execute Christ’s strategy.

As with Ananias, as you go, power will flow. In your going, you will see the demonstration and flow of divine power. When Ananias got to Saul, he spoke words of healing and fullness, and immediately the power of the Lord Jesus was released. Scales fell off of Saul’s eyes, and the Holy Spirit’s power flowed and filled him. His sight was restored, and the Spirit’s fullness was received. The Lord confirmed Ananias’s declaration by the demonstration of spiritual power. The same is true for you: as you go in the name of the Lord Jesus, you will see the power of the Risen Christ flow from your life into the lives of others.

Remember: As you go to those with spiritual needs, you will know, grace will grow and power will flow. Everything you need to be an effective witness and minister for Christ will be provided for you by the person and power of the Holy Spirit.Save