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The kitchen is such a fun space to decorate! Our challenge was finding great pieces for under $25. This is the perfect challenge since we both like getting the most for our money and finding items that are multi-purpose. There are lots of options these days from TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, etc. You can find up-to-date decor items for great prices. Here are some of our favorite and frugal finds!

LARGE DECORATIVE BOWLS are great because of the many functions they can have – decorative storage above cabinets, decorative elements on a kitchen table (with or without fruit, etc., inside), and in many cases, practical serving bowls for a meal. The bowls below range in price from $12 to $24.99!




TRAYS look great on the counter, leaning against the wall or on the dining room table with some candles on it. You could also use them mounted on the wall as a fun shelf. This rustic wooden tray was just $20, and the wood/metal tray set was only $11.99!IMG_3275IMG_3272

ARTWORK is a great way to bring life to the kitchen. While a coat of fresh paint and great cabinets are all that’s needed to keep a kitchen fresh-looking, if you have a bare wall and inexpensive piece of artwork isn’t too hard to find. It adds a sweet detail for your kitchen wall. These pieces represent several styles of decor, but all were just $12.50 to $29!




JARS + MUGS are a great multi-purpose decor item. They can be used as utensil holders, fresh flowers, or with a simple hook can be mounted under your cabinets. The glass jar below was just $7 and the cute “Hey Y’all” mug was only $11.99.IMG_3273


TABLE RUNNERS are a simple way to bring color and texture to your kitchen. You can use them horizontally or vertically on your dining room table. The burlap runner below was just $11.99.

IMG_3271STANDS + CAKE PLATES can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Place one on the dining room table, the counter top, or on an island in the kitchen. Add fruit, snacks or flowers on it for both visual interest and practical use. This tiered metal stand was $25.


Happy decorating!

TIP: The great thing about Hobby Lobby is that the majority of items in the store will be 50% off at some point during the course of a month, so you can really score on the deals!

 by Susanna Spell & Amanda Clowser

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