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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love a good deal! This rings true for me in pretty much every ‘budget’ category, such as date nights, travel, and home decor! Decorating our living room seemed a little daunting to me at first, because it felt like we needed so many pieces to ‘complete’ the room. This inspired me to search for deals even more. Here are some of the bargains I’ve found, as well as some tips for finding them, when shopping for living rooms.

One of my favorite places to search for decor deals is the website www.overstock.com. They have a plethora of items to choose from, but at lower prices than most other websites! They are ALWAYS sending me coupons, too!

Here is a shag rug for around $50. I love how cozy it looks!

shag rug

Sometimes the store will also hold ‘liquidation sales’ for items, so you will receive an even better deal. Here are some throw pillows included in the liquidation category that would be the perfect finishing touch on a couch:

throw pillows

throw pillowI also like to shop stores such as At Home, Old Time Pottery, and Hobby Lobby. You can almost always find a coupon online, so check before you go into the store! This floor plant would be great if you love to bring the outdoors inside. It is priced just at $50 at At Home.


If you learn to be patient, shop around, and look for coupons, you can put the perfect living room together with just a small amount of money!

 by Erika Millard

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