As a church we are reclaiming the secret place and rededicating ourselves there as priests of prayer and praise every day. As leaders, we are calling our church to pray and praise the way Jesus taught by using the prayer guide in our Life Reach Journals that is structured according to Jesus’ teachings on what and how to pray, found in Matthew 6:6-13 and Luke 11:1-4. We are completely departing from the notion that prayer is optional or occasional, and fully embracing the belief that we have been called and commissioned to engage in the ministry of prayer and praise passionately, persistently and powerfully.

Every day we come to the secret place presenting (Matt. 6:6). Every day we are called to present ourselves in the secret place as loving, humble and obedient children of God the Father. Every day we are called to present ourselves as faithful followers and friends of the Lord Jesus. And every day we are called to present ourselves in the secret place as priests of prayer and praise unto the Lord on behalf of ourselves as those we are interceding for.

Every day we come to the secret place praising (Matt. 6:9). We come daily affirming our identity as children of God. We reverence God our Father and Jesus our Lord, exalting, glorifying and magnifying our God for all He is and thanking Him for all He has done in our lives. As we praise, we pray that God’s great Name would be hallowed, loved and exalted in every place on the earth. We are called to praise with strong declarations spoken from a grateful heart, and with songs of deliverance sung from a graced heart. In the language of the spirit and the understanding we honor God in loving, living intimacy.

Every day we come to the secret place petitioning (Matt. 6:10-11). Jesus instructs us to pray that the redemptive purpose and plans of God will be met and manifested in the earth. We pray for needs globally, nationally, locally, congregationally and personally. We pray “daily bread” prayers, believing that our needs and the needs of others will be marvelously met. When we pray dependently, consistently, specifically and expectantly, we can absolutely expect those prayers to be acted on and answered.

Every day we come to the secret place preparing (Matt. 6:12-13). In the secret place, we prepare our hearts to be holy and healthy as we move into our day. We receive forgiveness for our sins through confession, repentance and cleansing. We release forgiveness to others, cancelling their debt toward us, as we want our debt of sin toward God to be cancelled. We prepare our hearts and minds to be strong in the face of trials and temptations. We pray for protection and spiritual provision to expose and overcome all the strategies of the evil one. We prepare ourselves to live every moment of the new day for the king and the kingdom. We prepare ourselves to the live by the abundant, dynamic, overcoming power of God. And we prepare ourselves to live for the glory and honor of the Father and the Son by the indwelling, empowered work of the Holy Spirit.

Remember: When we go to the secret place every day, presenting, praising, petitioning and preparing, we ready ourselves to bring glory to God’s great Name and good to those we reach everywhere, at all times.