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This month on the blog we are talking about style and decor, which are two of my FAVORITE topics!  Our team took a style quiz (mydomaine.com) and my result was California Eclectic. Description: “You love the combination of midcentury modern lines with organic pieces, ethnic textiles, and plenty of plant life. An expert at layering, you never met a brass accent piece or large-scale photograph you didn’t like.”  Spot on! I really try to aim for this in my home, mixed with a few rustic/farmhouse items.

To give some pointers on how I put your own design style to work, here’s a showcase of pictures and descriptions of some simply styled shelves (using my “California Eclectic” style!) in my own home. 

1) Dining room shelves:

I really like clean, simple decor, that also feels purposeful and welcoming. It’s all about balance!  Each shelf holds items in mostly a quantity of ones or threes. I like to mix in greenery, balanced colors, different heights and shapes. These shelves also hold things that I use on a regular basis. I really love to have pretty things that are very practical as well!




2) Crate shelves:

I love the dimension of hanging crate shelves. I’d probably have them somehow in every room if I could. 🙂 These shelves are really just for looks in this space. I picked some of my more colorful (in the same color family) books and used a fun interesting object as a book end. Again, having greenery of some sort really brings it to life! (Note: IKEA has the BEST inexpensive faux greenery. Forever green!) Find a crate, and a screw gun and hang away. You can’t go wrong!


3) Living room bookshelf:

With these shelves, I needed them to look nice because they are in a very visible area and serve a practical need, too. The bottom crate holds all of my daughter Charlotte’s coloring books and box of crayons. They are in an easy to reach place for her but aren’t just laying out on a table to be seen all the time. I like that! I created a cohesiveness on each shelf by adding a wooden item. It balances out each shelf and has a good visual flow.


Make sure to take the style quiz  (mydomaine.com) to discover your design style! 🙂

Happy decorating!

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 By Amanda Clowser// Home Blogging Team

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