A priest is a mediator, or a “bridge-builder”, bringing God to man and man to God. According to the Apostle Peter, we have been created as a holy and royal priesthood—a united spiritual nation that daily engages in the missional ministry of prayer and praise (I Peter 2:4-10).

We are not merely redeemed people who daily have a “prayer time” or a “praise time”. We are priests chosen and ordained by God to engage in the ministry of prayer and praise in the secret place, the gathering place and the public place—all day—every day.

We are called to be priests of prayer and praise unto the Lord. Each one of us is called to minister in prayer and praise personally and privately in the secret place (Matthew 6:6-13). Every day we are called to put on the priestly garments of prayer and praise and appear before our High Priest and Lord to seek His face in love and devotion to know His will and do His work. Everyone of us is called and commissioned to praise the Lord personally and passionately, then to go to others to dynamically declare the marvelous person and power of our King (Psalm 9:1-2).

We are called to be priests of prayer and praise with the Lord’s people. Corporately and collectively, we are a kingdom of royal and holy priests who seek the Lord together and serve the prophetic and powerful purposes of the Lord for one another and the world. As the people of God gather, we offer the spiritual sacrifices of prayer and praise in dedicated devotion to see Christ’s kingdom come and the will of God fully and completely done. When we together sing the praises of Christ our Lord and seek Him for grace and guidance, we receive the strength and strategy we need to go out and go on in His name.

We are called to be priests of prayer and praise to the world. As ministers of prayer and praise, we are to go from the secret place to the gathering place to the public place. Peter tells us that we are a chosen people changed by His power and charged to go forth as priests of God to proclaim His praises as the light giver and life giver (I Peter 2:9-10). The world needs to hear from a rescued and redeemed people that they have been saved and secured by the mighty hand of a loving God. They need a set-apart and sold-out order of missional ministers to come to them with the love and power of Jesus Christ, the Great High Priest. We must enter the public place and proclaim the praises of our marvelous God who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Remember: We are a royal and holy priesthood, called to be clothed in the priestly garments of prayer and praise, seeking God’s face, speaking God’s praise and declaring God’s goodness and greatness—bringing God to men—and men to God.