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When my husband and I married nearly 5 years ago, he joined me in my already-decorated-to-my-taste condo where we lived the next few years. He wasn’t shy about pointing out what felt busy (or dare I say, cluttered?) and not particularly to his liking. Fast forward to last fall. We purchased our first home together—a beautiful 1938 bungalow in downtown Columbia. We both love our home, but in many ways it still hasn’t been properly decorated because I haven’t been able to figure out what represents “us” best. I was relieved when Beth shared the decor quiz at mydomaine.com. Finally, a way to figure out what we both like! Neither of us were surprised by our results, although it did explain the impasse we’ve found ourselves in! He’s categorized as a “Streamlined Minimalist,” whereas I’m a “California Eclectic.” It’s a fun, but challenging combination!

One area in my house that I’ve been itching to decorate is our mantle. I’ve spent some time searching Pinterest for ideas that please both our tastes. Below I’ll share some helpful decorating tips, no matter your style. Then check back in August to see where I shop for my favorite deals. In September we will reveal the finished project!

How to Decorate a Mantle

I like to start with a formula and this diagram gives you an idea of some pieces you might like to gather for your mantle redesign project.

HowToDecorateAMantleA large center piece, taller pieces with movement, heavier pieces with visual weight, layers of art and photos and accessories of varying heights can all be combined for a visually appealing focal point. Of course, there are endless possibilities with this formula! Start by checking your house for pieces you already have. Large center pieces could include artwork, mirrors or even chalkboards. Plants, flower arrangements, lamps or candles could satisfy the taller pieces with movement criteria. Vases, figurines, books, baskets or pitchers could bring visual weight to your space. As for layers of art, photos and accessories, your personal style can shine with the wide variety of items you can showcase!

Here are a few examples of mantle decor that followed this general guideline, but look how different they are!



Our New Fireplace



Antique Farmhouse mantle

I’m excited to take on a mantle redesign for our house that reflects both my husband’s and my tastes. I’ll be using these tips to find items in my house and some favorite shops to complete the look! Check back next month to see what I find!

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 By Jeannie Print / Home Blogging Team
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