The Apostle Paul commended the elders at the Church of Ephesus to God and to the word of His grace (Acts 20:32). To commend means to “praise and present with confidence and conviction”. He told them it would strengthen them and give them an inheritance of rich spiritual blessings, along with all true believers everywhere. We have also had the word of God’s grace commended to us, and we must commend the word of God’s grace to others.

Grace is “divine favor, blessing and ability to be and do by God’s goodness and greatness what we could never be and do on our own”. We are called, commanded and commissioned to go and speak by grace. The Holy Spirit will give us the confidence we need and the content people need to hear and see the Gospel presented in a clear and compelling manner.

We are graced to be those who give the good news to needy people each and every day. Let’s be confident! Let’s be clear! Let’s be compelling! God is with us!

We are called, commanded, and commissioned to love and serve by grace. We must declare a message of love and service and to demonstrate that message in the way we love and serve the people we touch. The gospel is a message about a loving God giving His only Son to serve the ultimate need of mankind—to have the penalty, power, guilt and shame of sin dealt with once—for all—forever. We must speak the words and do the works that reflect a loving God leaning into man’s dilemma to provide the ultimate divine solution.

We are called, commanded, and commissioned to save and heal by grace. Christ’s Spirit will grace us to save the lost and help and heal the downtrodden, desperate, diseased and demonically oppressed.

We are called to declare God’s grace and then demonstrate that grace with the good works and the great wonders that follow. We must work the works of Christ by the grace of Christ through the power of the Spirit of Christ. We are called, commanded and commissioned to grow and stand by grace. Paul admonished the Ephesian elders to grow strong and stand fast in the grace of God. It is our destiny to grow in God’s grace and to graduate to ever-increasing levels of endurance and effectiveness. So let us go and grow by the grace of God through the enabling and empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

Remember: God’s grace will enable and empower us to commend to everyone everywhere the trustworthy and transformational gospel of grace.