Urgency is a force or impulse that impels. It’s an urge that is compelling—a deep knowing that immediate action or attention is required. When it comes to sharing the Gospel with others, we must regain or newly receive a holy sense of urgency to get the Gospel to everyone, everywhere. Here’s why:

First, We must have a sense of urgency because the harvest is great (Matthew 9:37). Opportunities to lead the lost to Christ abound—locally and globally! The way has been opened; we are entering into the finished work of Christ. He has done everything necessary to bring in the harvest. The harvest is made up of precious people who are dearly loved and deeply treasured—the very ones Jesus died to rescue and redeem, renew and restore. The harvest is great, but the hour is always late. The task is necessary! The time is now!

Also, we must have a sense of urgency because the season is brief (John 4:35). When it’s time to harvest, you harvest until the crops has been fully brought in. Jesus said that the harvest is not only ripe, but even overripe. He said that we needed to hurry to the harvest lest we lose it. We have a window of opportunity that won’t be open forever. It’s only open in this age, our lifetime and the lifetime of the people we are seeking to reach. We must seize the opportunity of a lifetime within the lifetime of the opportunity.

Further, we must have a sense of urgency because life is short (James 4:14). James tells us that life is a vapor that vanishes before we know it. We must make the most out of this life for the commission and cause of Christ. Life is not about a bucket list or a buying list; life is primarily about a prayer list and a share list. To live a truly valuable and fruitful life, we must find our field and work it—sowing, cultivating and harvesting. It is very possible to make too much out of this life’s pleasures and pastimes and not nearly enough about the life to come.

Finally, we must have a sense of urgency because eternity is long. Everyone is going to spend eternity somewhere—either enjoying the heights of heaven or experiencing the horrors of hell. Every person’s destiny is to live in Christ’s kingdom forever, but one only realizes that destiny and reaches that destination through faith in the Cross of Christ and the Christ of the Cross. We must be drawn and driven by deep urgency to get this eternal, life-giving message to the peoples of the earth. Yes, life is short and eternity is long. The harvest is great and the season is brief. So let’s use the life we have and the time we’ve been given to get this urgent and unrivaled message to every life we touch.

Remember: This incredible opportunity of a lifetime to reach the lost with the Gospel must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.