A commission is an authoritative order, charge, or directive. Officers in our Armed Forces are commissioned by none other than the President of the United States—the Commander-in-Chief of the military forces of America—to exercise delegated authority to lead enlisted men and women in the protection of our country and its allies. For we who are Christians, we are commissioned by none other than Jesus Christ, the Supreme Commander of the spiritual armies of heaven and earth, to go and proclaim the Gospel of salvation through His redemptive work, and to produce disciples who love Him supremely and live for Him steadfastly (Matthew 28:18-20).

The following are aspects of, and assignments in, our commissioning by the Lord Jesus:

• First, we are commissioned as empowered witnesses (Luke 24:48-49). Jesus told His disciples that they needed to go in His person and power and tell people all that they had heard and seen, as well as show them the powerful proof that their words had weight and worth. A reliable witness gives trustworthy evidence for the case. We are commissioned to go and declare the words and do the works that present compelling evidence that Jesus Christ is indeed the Suffering Savior as well as the Resurrected Living Lord.

• We are also commissioned as authorized ambassadors (II Corinthians 5:18-21). We have been given authority and power to go and speak and act in the name of Jesus the King. His authority is our authority; His power is our power. As His ambassadors, we go with the message and ministry of reconciliation to God the Father through repentance and faith in Jesus the Son. This charge and challenge is a sacred one and a privileged one, as well. What an honor it is to represent the subject and source of the Gospel—Christ Jesus.

• Finally, we are commissioned as armed defenders (I Peter 3:13-15). We are commissioned to advance the faith as well as to defend the faith. Faith in the crucified, resurrected, ascended and glorified Jesus is a reasonable faith. There is verifiable evidence to prove its veracity. We must study, meditate on, and memorize this evidence so that we can satisfy the seeker and silence the skeptic. We must also guard vigilantly the true Gospel and sound doctrine against any and all who would preach false gospels and propagate false doctrine. Armed with the truth in love, we can be dynamic defenders of our faith in Christ.

Remember: We must embrace the Great Commission of taking the Gospel to everyone, everywhere until we reach the Great Completion of our glorious and global task.