Word for the Week 6The Gospel is committed to truth that is unwavering, not distorted. It is strong and steady, unflagging and unfailing. There is never a problem with the true and timeless Gospel. There is always a problem, however, with the faulty and false gospels that people throughout history have put forth as truth. The Apostle Paul strongly confronted the bogus gospels of his day as messages that not only didn’t save, but also deeply deceived the recipients (Galatians 1:6-12). There are many in our day who either reduce the Gospel or produce a gospel that is no gospel at all. We must stand up and speak forth in defense of the Gospel’s truth and against deceitful distortions.

The Gospel is committed to truth that is unrelenting, not diverted. It is resolute and determined. It never slows down and never backs down. The Apostle Paul exhorted and admonished his spiritual son, Timothy, never to let himself be distracted in his focus nor diverted in his mission to preach and teach sound spiritual truth in order to build strong spiritual lives (I Timothy 4:15-16). Some believers have been diverted by an unhealthy and ungodly focus on excessive renewal and recreation. This weakens them as daily pursuers of divine mission, and makes them into people who live for the weekend rather than live for the kingdom. Others have been diverted from the preaching of Good News by engaging in good works apart from the clear communication of the Gospel. Of course, we need to preach and practice both: Good News and good works go hand in hand. So we must never let ourselves be diverted from our primary mission, message and ministry—bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, with good works attesting to and adorning its truth.

The Gospel is committed to truth that is undefeated, not destroyed. It is potent and powerful, overcoming and overwhelming. Some may choose to assault and assail it, but they will always and ultimately fail. The Gospel’s indestructible vitality is found in the irrefutable victory of Jesus over death, hell and the grave. Nothing can stop it, and nothing can stamp it out. Paul reminded ancient believers that, even if they were cast down in the short run, they would never be conquered in the long run if they stood fast in the treasure of truth that had been entrusted to them (II Corinthians 4:7-10). The same is true for us today. When we stand steadfastly for the truth of the Gospel, we will triumph over every scheme and strategy launched against us.

Remember: We have been granted the authority and given the responsibility to commit ourselves to preach, proclaim and promote the Gospel’s truth, not to alter, adjust, or amend it.