13260183_1017464478335415_1807473828145986784_nThe Gospel calls us to live by its standard. A standard is a level of quality or attainment. The Gospel calls us to live by the quality of the King and the kingdom and to attain to the heights of a heavenly calling to be winsome and worthy witnesses of the Gospel’s power to redeem and restore here on earth (Philippians 1:27).

The Gospel calls us to a standard of obedience. It is utter heretical nonsense to think that you can receive Jesus as Savior and not receive Him as the Sovereign Lord. His full authenticity and authority is revealed in His name, Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord (Romans 1:1-4). When we truly receive Him by repentance and faith, we lay hold and never let go of all He is and all that He provides and requires (Romans 12:1-2).

The Gospel calls us to a standard of love. We are called to clothe ourselves with the love, kindness and compassion of God (Colossians 3:12-14). We are to lay our lives down in loving devotion to a world in need of seeking and saving. Nothing less than this will do and nothing less than this is due those who need the Savior.

The Gospel calls us to a standard of integrity. Integrity has to do with being a whole-hearted, fully integrated faithful follower of Jesus Christ (Titus 2:10). Our persona in public should be the person we are in private. When we portray to the world a person who lives by the word, will and ways of God at all times, we have the opportunity to win the world by the authentic witness we are called to display and deliver.

The Gospel calls us to a standard of boldness. Boldness is not brash and brazen; boldness is born out of a confidence and connection in and to Christ’s person and power (Acts 4:31). When we abide in Christ, we will be supplied with a calm and courageous resolve to proclaim the Gospel daily, regardless of ridicule and resistance. A bold and compelling witness flowing from the life of a believer full of love and devotion to Jesus will always win the lost and win the day.

Remember: “Jesus paid it all—that’s the Gospel. All to Him I owe—that’s the Gospel’s standard.” –Dr. David Shibley*

ENTRUSTED: Anchoring Your Life In The Gospel, by Dr. David Shibley