13233091_1014898838591979_3927039949430216205_nDr. David Shibley writes this concerning the power of the Gospel: “The Gospel’s power transforms people and nations. Through repentance and faith in Christ’s saving work we experience freedom, forgiveness and a future. When a critical mass of people believe and obey the Gospel, nations experience large-scale transformation.” *

The power of the Gospel is first found in the immeasurable power of the Person—the Word—Jesus Christ. Jesus was and is the perfect revelation of who God is and what His plans are for the peoples of the world (Colossians 1:19). When we preach Him fully and faithfully, those we engage will receive the revelation they need to repent and believe on the One who has power to save. Jesus doesn’t need to be recast or rebranded; He needs to be accurately revealed and unveiled to a waiting world.

The power of the Gospel is also found in the indescribable power of the payment—the works—the blood. Revelation 5:9 says, “You were slain, and have redeemed us by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.” Jesus and His blood, shed for the rescue and release of mankind, will be our eternal song in heaven and so it must be our life-long song on earth. Singer and songwriter Andre Crouch wrote a song entitled, “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power”. How true that is. The blood of Christ is the sinless life of Christ poured out for us to pay for our redemption and restoration. Because of the blood, our lives have been “stamped” with these words: PAID IN FULL! Praise God!!

Finally, the power of the Gospel is found in the indisputable power of the promises—the wonders. According to the Scriptures, we can expect the preaching of the Gospel to be followed by confirming signs (Mark 16:20). The person and power of the Holy Spirit will be our constant companions when we fully and faithfully preach the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Remember: When we are convinced that the Gospel is the power of God for seeking and saving of the lost, we will preach it convincingly by the word, works and wonders of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

ENTRUSTED: Anchoring Your Life In The Gospel, by Dr. David Shibley