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Recently, I’ve been getting more and more brave about having house plants.  My fear was that they would die shortly after arriving at my home!  I’m happy to report no deaths as of yet!

I was very inspired by the more modern way of displaying house plants from some Pinterest pictures I’ve found.  I love the simple design but still very welcoming and sweet.  I also love that they really stand out and don’t get lost in the room, but without being too much as well.
Here are a few of my Pinterest inspiration pics:
After getting my inspiration, I decided to browse around on Craigslist and see if there were any for sale by chance…lucky for me, I fell upon a listing of a few large house plants for a VERY nice price!  I also didn’t know how expensive plants can run, so with the deal I got, I definitely felt lucky! 😉  My super kind hubby drove 45 min to go pick them up one night, he called on his way home and said he was literally driving in the jungle!  I guess they were a little bigger than they seemed in the picture! 🙂  Here are a few pictures of how I tried to replicate the looks from my Pinterest inspirations in my home:
I’m so glad I was brave and stepped out into house plant parenting! 😉.  I love the results and my plants seem very happy here!

Amanda Clowser

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If you read the blog I wrote last summer about updating my front porch with beautiful hanging baskets and planters and then visited my house a month later you would be disappointed to see that it was all gone. Brown. Sad. Dead.

I wanted so badly to have a beautiful, welcoming, southern front porch that I failed to take into account one important thing: I kill all the plants. I just CANNOT keep anything alive. I set reminders and alarms to water, bought pretty tools to “inspire me,” and set the tools out in convenient places – but to no avail – I still ended up with sad scorched plants.

This year I have a new strategy and I’ll fill you in on my secret. FAKE PLANTS! I’m not talking about cheesy fabric flowers on plastic stems stuck into the dirt – I’ve actually seen some very believable and tasteful faux greenery that I’m going to display. They even make some with UV protection to prevent fading in the sun. Here are some ideas that have me inspired for the spring!

Moss on a lampshade or birdcage creates an interesting shape for your faux greenery!

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One of these is a live plant, but I’m imagining a simple diy faux version!

IMG_0610+copy Picture1

A cotton wreath is exactly the Southern charm I’m looking for, and I’ve seen fake cotton stems in several stores this season!


It’s almost hard to believe that these topiaries aren’t real!

photo 4

There’s even a DIY version of topiaries!


 Kendra Collins

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