02.06.16 3 creative ideas dateMy husband is my first ever Valentine (!), and we have actually only shared one Valentine’s Day together so far. I love the idea of starting traditions or going on a more romantic date than usual to celebrate the holiday, but sometimes it can be challenging to think of ideas on my own. So, I went to Pinterest for help and here are some of my favorite creative Valentine’s date ideas!

Alphabet Dates

The idea is to create a list of activities to do or restaurants to eat at that go with each letter of the alphabet. You could create the list up front or pick a letter to complete each year and decide from there. The possibilities are endless yet focused, since you’re focusing on one letter at a time!alphabetdatesx1

“Let’s Do It Again” Hunt

This idea is to reminisce on your ‘first’s as a couple. You would think of places such as where you first met, where your first date was, etc. and go back to those places. You could give a small gift at each spot or recreate that ‘first’ in some way.


Mystery Choice Date

This idea involves a bit of planning, but sounds fun! Create three envelopes that say ‘Dinner,’ ‘Date’ and ‘Activity’ on the outside. Then, on slips of paper, either write out options for each of the three, or print pictures. Have your spouse draw a slip of paper from one or all of the envelopes to decide what you will eat and/or do for the evening!


One of my favorite parts about this holiday is that it can be as simple or as extravagant as you make it. There are many more ideas on Pinterest, so find what fits you and spouse. Let’s aim to show our spouse’s love by being intentional and creative about spending time together this Valentine’s Day!

Erika Millard

erika millard

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