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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’ve got some beautifully festive ideas for your home this Christmas! Whether you’re a Christmas decorator extraordinaire, or shutter at the through of garland, you’ll find just the motivation and inspiration you need in our December series, “HOLIDAY DECOR: Inspiration For Every Home!

When my husband and I got married, we received many “Just Married” Christmas ornaments. That year when we decorated our tree, it was such a treat to pull out these special gifts and remember the friends who blessed us with them. One in particular was extra special. It was a framed miniature version of our wedding invitation and wedding program. That ornament inspired me to intentionally collect mementos of special events in our lives to make into Christmas ornaments. Now, when we decorate our Christmas tree, we are reminded of special events that make up our family story. My husband said it best when he said, “Coming out of the Thanksgiving season, we celebrate with a tree of Thanksgiving.” Our Christmas tree is full of unique reminders of the Lord’s many blessings in our lives. Our ornaments remind us of our wedding day, the births of our children, special vacations, new seasons in life, old homes and new homes, and even childhood memories as we’ve added some of our own vintage ornaments. Just as the Lord instructed His people throughout Scripture to “remember,” we remember who He is and who He has purposed us to be as we decorate and enjoy our tree!

Sometimes we find the perfect ornament to commemorate a special event in our lives. Other times we have to look a little harder to find just the right thing. It can be as simple as finding a beautiful shell at the beach, and gluing a string to it and hanging it on the tree. I have a tiny, toy wooden boat that represents a family trip to Maine, and another brightly colored miniature ball of yarn that represents visiting a little artisan village in Canada. We even have a fishhook hanging at the top of our tree that we made into an ornament to remind us of our honeymoon at a beautiful lake house. It’s become a game in our family to find the perfect item for any given event for our homemade ornaments. Check out this video to see a few more of my favorite ornaments!

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