Time to get crafty! Yes, I am getting crafty in my old age and it’s kinda neat. It’s fun for me to get ideas through Pinterest. I love it. I was so excited when this latest project really turned out, and it was easy! I like the idea of creating things, cute things, decor type things, and selling them on Varage Sale (a virtual garage sale on the web). I am pretty passionate about scripture and for a long time I wanted to find cute ways to display God’s Word. So, through Pinterest ideas and some extra wood laying around the garage, I was able to create this easy display piece.
Here’s what you need:
  • any kind of stainable wood
  • a pencil and paint pen
  • white paint , paint brush and painters tape
  • dark walnut wood stain and an old sock for applying (maybe a rubber glove underneath too)
  • sand paper and dust mask
  • a computer with Microsoft Word
  • a printer with computer paper
  • scissors

Step 1 – Sand your wood til smooth, then stain it and let it dry.

Step 2 – Put a little white paint on a paper plate and dab it on the plate so there’s not too much paint on the brush. I guess they call this method dry brushing. Paint the center of the wood only leaving dark stain showing on edges to give it that chipped paint look.

Step 3 – Create text in your word processor on your computer. I used Microsoft Word, and here’s the steps I took:
  • open a blank document
  • click Toolbars
  • click Word Art
  • click Picture (this takes you to Word Art Gallery)
  • select the text with hollow letters so you can save on printer ink
  • type in your scripture
  • adjust font size (I used 80 or 96)
  • choose font (I used Lucida Calligraphy)
  • to save on paper, rotate your text side ways by clicking the rotate symbol and holding it over the green dot keeping mouse button held down
  • now press Print.
Step 4 – After cutting out your words, scribble pencil on the bottom side
Step 5 – Using painters tape, tape the words to your board and trace the letters with a closed pen just to apply pressure.  The pencil underneath will transfer your letters to the board. Really cool!
Step 6 – Paint the inside of the letters with a paint pen, and thats it!
You can also try transferring letters onto wood that is just stained without any white paint. But to do this, try using chalk instead of a pencil so the letters will show up on the dark stain. I’m trying this next! God’s Word is so powerful and it’s so encouraging to have this word art around your house, and to bless others with it as a gift as well!

Lea Hicks | New Song Spring Hill