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One of my favorite holiday traditions is ‘cookie baking day’ with my family! For years, my family has set aside a December day solely for the purpose of baking treats and spending time together. Apple Sauce cookies and Hello Dolly bars are staple recipes every year, as they are both family recipes. We also decide on other new recipes that sound appealing. We use these treats at family or church gatherings, as gifts for teachers or friends, and then of course, just to eat! Over the years, we have had multiple people join our family for baking day. I love the time spent together and the memories we’ve made. This past year on cookie baking day, my siblings and I re-created a photo of us as kids on cookie baking day, as that is how long we have carried out this tradition!


Below are my top 5 recipes from Pinterest that I hope to get included in baking day this year!


Erika Millard
erika millard

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