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I have many memories of preparing holiday meals together with my family. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a helper in the kitchen. If not helping, I was at least (standing in someone’s way and) watching. A couple of years ago I was involved in a strict health challenge among friends and family who happen to be the most competitive people that I know. At that time I was looking to take another step in eating healthier, but more importantly to me, I wanted to WIN against all these competitive people. It happened that the 30 day challenge fell over Thanksgiving. So I was determined to have a tasty holiday, cook with my family, and stick to my health goals. I even made a chocolate mousse pie (seriously made from butternut squash) that my whole family couldn’t get enough of. In fact, I was bummed because they were all eating my healthy pie while the regular pumpkin pie sat untouched. That famous pie is still requested every Thanksgiving.

Since that year I’ve found plenty of healthy recipes and ways to alter my favorites to make them work for the way we eat. I’m willing to do a few extra steps (especially if it’s a special holiday meal) to make a dish healthy, but I usually choose straightforward recipes with a short list of ingredients. Here are a few of my favorite holiday recipes that are so yummy that you’ll forget they’re healthy!11.13.15 healthy holiday 1

This next yummy recipe is a favorite that I adapted from a recipe at Jamie Cook’s It Up blog!11.13.15 Roasted-Maple-Butternut-Squash-and-Apples

This is actually the topping to one of our household favorites, Moroccan Shepherd’s Pie, but I love the flavor so much I’ll be serving these potatoes on their own this holiday season.

I do absolutely believe in having balance and allowing yourself to enjoy the holiday season. There will be some nights in the upcoming months for me that just demand a cup of good old fashioned sugary hot chocolate. But making great choices 95% of the time really helps that other 5% be guilt free. So as schedules, budgets, and relationships all get stretched at this time of year, your heath can be one consistent thing that doesn’t cause stress or regret. Most importantly, it can still be delicious and fun!!!

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