Be Our Guest Part 4_NS FBMy husband and I love having guests in our home! Since we live in a 700-square-foot apartment, we have not yet had people stay overnight (excluding a sibling sleeping on the couch!), but we love inviting friends and family over for dinner, a game, or movie night.

Here are a few steps we take in preparing our home for an evening together with friends and family:

  1. Cleaning: This does not have to be a long, drawn-out task. When we have guests over, we tend to focus on the rooms we will be spending time in with them. We clear clutter in the dining area and living room, and at least wipe down the bathroom and hang a fresh hand towel. You can’t beat that lemon scent from the cleaner!
  1. Setting the Table: If we are having people over for dinner, I like to already have the table set before they arrive. This says to our guests, “I have put forethought into you coming over and planned and prepared for you!” Many people keep their tables set all the time, so there is one less task to complete before guests arrive.10.27.15 scented candles 2
  1. Lighting Candles: I LOVE how candles make rooms cozy and smell so delicious. One helpful tip my momma taught me is to not light candles if you are cooking food with a strong scent, because the aromas from the food and candle tend to blend together and combine into something funky. So, either go with the smells of the food you are cooking or the scent from the candle, but not both at the same time!10.27.15 scented candles 1

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.” Acts 2:46

The heart behind simple these tips are making people feel welcome because you have prepared for them. When you clean, set the table, light a candle, etc., you are in essence saying to your guests, “I’ve been expecting you and preparing for our evening together.” When I prepare beforehand, I have found that I am more easily able to be present and enjoy the moments instead of rushing around while in the midst of entertaining.

May our homes be  places of peace, where people feel welcomed and loved. Who wants to come over?? 🙂

 Erika Millard

erika millard