Welcome to our series, Be Our Guest! The holidays will be here before we know it, so in preparation for family and friends visiting this season we want to help you get your home in guest-friendly shape! In this series, you’ll find all you need to create a welcoming atmosphere of peace and warmth for your guests!

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We love having friends and family come to visit!  When people come to visit, I really love to have my house feel welcoming and comfortable.

Food For Thought:

I usually try to communicate with our guests regarding meal prep, ideas and a little bit of a plan for what we will be having for meals.  It’s worked out too, with close family who visit often, that they will bring things to contribute for meals, which is always helpful.

Making a meal plan for that time is really good. Say it’s a weekend visitor, I will usually plan out dinner and have options for breakfast and leave lunches as an “in the moment thing.”  There’s always flexibility with going out for a meal if that sounds fun too, but having stuff planned out and shopped for is great. Then you don’t have to go grocery shopping while they are here! 🙂

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Sleeping Arrangements:

The ideal scenario would be to have a beautiful guest room with all the essentials on hand!  At this point in time we are living in a two bedroom apartment and no guest room.  BUT we have an amazing blow up queen size mattress!  We got a queen size mattress because it’s the same size as our bed so we don’t have to buy extra sheets.  We also purchased the mattress that blows up to be as high as a real bed.  Then its easier to get in and out of.  And spend a little more money on the self-inflate kind. So worth it!

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It’s In The Details:

Some small things that I enjoy doing or having on hand with guests:

  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in our guest bathroom
  • Towels laid out with wash clothes (we are not wash cloth people – we use loofah’s, but we bought a stash of them for when guests are here)
  • We love to have our 2.5 year old daughter draw a little welcome sign or note for our guests 🙂
  • Have in mind some fun things to do in the area – especially if they’ve never been there before.

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 Amanda Clowser 

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