Welcome to {WEEK 5} of our series, “HOME REMEDIES + REPAIRS”! Ever wish you had a quick fix in a pinch? Or, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to call the repair man every time something breaks down? Or, maybe you’re the trouble-shooting type, and love to figure stuff out? Whether any of these are the case for you, or you just popped in to see what this series is all about, you’ll love these simple antidotes and alterations!

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Tip #12: DIY Cleaner for Coffee Maker One of my favorite ways to use vinegar is for cleaning the inside of a coffee maker! 9.28.15 diy coffe maker cleanerThe steps are pretty simple:

  1. Pour equal parts of vinegar and water into the place where you typically pour water into the coffee maker.
  2. Click the ‘start’ or ‘on’ button and let a cycle run all the way through.
  3. Run another cycle or two with just water. You can typically judge by the smell whether all of the vinegar is gone!
  4. Wipe down the inside to clean off any remaining dirt.
  5. Enjoy your nice, newly cleaned coffee maker! 🙂

Tip #13: DIY Window Cleaner 9.28.15 diy window cleanerThe best window cleaner is homemade and easy to make! The ‘secret ingredient’ is rubbing alcohol, which keeps the windows from streaking. To make your own, just combine 1 cup each of water, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Spray your new DIY mixture and wipe with a terry cloth towel. That’s it!

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