Welcome to {PART 3} of our series, “HOME REMEDIES + REPAIRS”! Ever wish you had a quick fix in a pinch? Or, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to call the repair man every time something breaks down? Or, maybe you’re the trouble-shooting type, and love to figure stuff out? Whether any of these are the case for you, or you just popped in to see what this series is all about, you’ll love these simple antidotes and alterations for the home!

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I am not naturally gifted at house cleaning. I love a clean and fresh house, but hate the process of getting there. It’s even worse to try to clean something when it seems like it just won’t come clean. I’ve struggled with a few of these items and over time have learned a couple of tricks that I must share! I hope it helps you and saves you time, because nobody should be stuck spending extra time cleaning house when there are so many more fun things to do (unless you’re one of those crazies who loves to clean, in which case, can we be friends?)!

Tip #8: Cleaning Grout

When I moved into my house I had a cleaning party to get everything in tiptop shape before bringing all of our stuff in. I imagined that we’d come in with our brooms and mops and leave the place sparkling clean in one sweep. Much to my dismay after weeks and several floor scrubbings my bathroom floors just would not come clean. The grout was dingy and made the whole bathroom look unclean. I tried so many different remedies (all the way from a toothbrush and baking soda to dumping liquid bleach on the floor), all of which failed until I found the magic ingredient: toilet bowl cleaner! I bought one that was a gel-like consistency and had bleach as an ingredient. I was able to use the bottle and apply a neat bead of cleaner right onto the grout, let it sit for a few minutes and come back and wipe it away! The grout looked amazing after this simple process! I was so glad to finally feel like my floors were clean!Easy Grout Cleaner

Tip #9: Cleaning Micro-Fiber Furniture

My husband and I were given really nice tan micro-fiber couches when we got married. For the first couple of years I didn’t find it difficult to keep them clean. (There was that one time when I accidently drew a line with a pen on one cushion, but I just flipped it over to hide it away.) Everything changed about six months ago when our little baby entered the picture. To be perfectly honest, he wasn’t necessarily the one making the messes, but I found myself on the couch so much more than I ever was before. I would eat lunch while nursing almost every day, which is a balancing act that caused more than a few spills. So several lunch spills, spit-ups, and sticky fingers later I found myself in need of a cleaning solution. I was surprised at how easy it was! The magic ingredient this time was rubbing alcohol! All you have to do is spray rubbing alcohol onto the dirty area and use a sponge (I use a tan one to make sure there is no color transfer) to thoroughly rub out the stain. I put quite a bit of elbow grease into this just for good measure. I usually try to feather out the edge of the stain so there isn’t a distinct wet line from where you sprayed the alcohol. Then, once it’s dry take a dry scrub brush and brush out the spot to get the fabric all “fluffy” looking again. Voila, problem solved!microfiber

Tip #10: Garbage Disposal Cleaner

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room to find a funky smell. I find one of the worst culprits of kitchen odors is the garbage disposal. The quick and easy way I’ve found to freshen it ups is to run lemon or lime peels and ice cubes down the disposal with hot water for a few minutes. It’s an easy fix, but somehow the grinding of the ice and the power of the citrus joining together and instantly take care of bad smells! Maybe your drain just needs a drink of cool lemonade every once in while anyway!

disposalI hope these tips help you as you take care your home. I know the process isn’t always fun, but it is rewarding to finally see a stubborn stain disappear or to fix a problem that’s been bothering you for ages. Happy house cleaning!

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