Welcome to {PART 2} of our series, “HOME REMEDIES + REPAIRS”! Ever wish you had a quick fix in a pinch? Or, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to call the repair man every time something breaks down? Or, maybe you’re the trouble-shooting type, and love to figure stuff out? Whether any of these are the case for you, or you just popped in to see what this series is all about, you’ll love these simple antidotes and alterations for the home!

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Ahhh Pinterest. Don’t we all dream of the Pinterest-perfect looking home with all of the beautiful flat painted walls, adorned with perfectly spaced and hung photos, and lovely curtains (hung toward the very top of the wall, naturally!)? Well nothing stresses me out more than hanging things on my walls… whether it’s pictures, curtains, or any other thing you could imagine. So instead of being super meticulous, I end up erring on the side of…well, errors. And sometimes, a lot of them!

At some point in my single-adult homeowner life, however, I decided that I’d better learn how to hang stuff, because my dad got sick of me constantly asking him to come hang stuff! And believe me, I thanked Jesus for bringing my husband along for so many reasons, including being a great, cheerful, meticulous “stuff” hanger. But now at least, I CAN hang things correctly or repair my mistakes in a responsible manner so that our walls don’t look like swiss cheese behind a particular picture that’s been hung. Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.

Tip #5: Hanging Curtains

hanging curtainsNow, when it comes to hanging curtains, I’m not sure what bugs me more… getting the curtain rod level or the ironing involved with the curtain itself (the one time a year that my iron gets used!). This tutorial is BRILLIANT, especially when it comes to hanging multiple curtain rods in a room so that they all look even with each other! {Thanks to Miss Mustard Seed for this tip!}

Tip #6: Hanging Wall Art

hanging wall art with tapeTo learn how to hang pictures (especially multiples!) evenly and correctly, I used a tutorial similar to this one – how easy is this? And our pictures look right – every time! {Thanks to Thriving Home Blog for this tip!}

Tip #7: Patching Holes

patching holesAnd last, but not least, when you make a mistake, friends don’t let friends have swiss cheese walls. So take a look at this basic, easy tutorial on how to fix nail holes correctly! It also includes a tutorial on how to fix all those pesky nail “bubbles” that seem to plague a lot of homes (including the one we’re in now!) a few years after being built! {Thanks to Fluster Buster for this tip!}

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