Welcome to our series, “HOME REMEDIES + REPAIRS”! Ever wish you had a quick fix in a pinch? Or, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to call the repair man every time something breaks down? Or, maybe you’re the trouble-shooting type, and love to figure stuff out? Whether any of these are the case for you, or you just popped in to see what this series is all about, you’ll love these simple antidotes and alterations for the home!

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Tip #1: Securing Your Rug

To keep your rug from sliding around all over the floor, use calking or hot glue on the underneath side. Simply apply in horizontal lines and let dry. No need for the under pads!

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{Thanks to Happy Go Lucky Blog for this simple tip!}

Tip #2: Hide-A-Key Bottle

We all need a spare key from time to time, so here’s a great hide-a-key idea! Put your extra key in an old medicine bottle and glue a rock or pine cone to the top of it. Then, just bury it near the entrance where it will blend into your landscaping. Voila!key holder_thrifty fun_square

{Thanks to Thrifty Fun for this great idea!}

Tip #3: Hanging Photo Frames

Use toothpaste on the back of a picture frame. Before you hang the frame, place a smidgeon of toothpaste where the hook is on the frame and it will mark the wall for you. You’ll know exactly where to put the nail. Brilliant!

toothpaste_adventures of goldilox_square

{Thanks to Adventures Of Goldilox for this super tip!}

Tip #4: Freshen Toilet Brush

Nobody likes dealing with those germ-infested toilet brushes! So, here’s a great tip for keeping things fresh in the bathroom. Just put a little bit of multi-purpose cleaner in your toilet brush holder to reduce foul smells and keep it clean! toilet brush_my list of lists_square

{Thanks to My List of Lists for this helpful idea!}

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