There are babies, babies everywhere! Since there are a lot of new mommas and mommas-to-be out there, we thought we’d create some helpful tips for that new little bundle in your life. 

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In February my husband and I welcomed our first little baby to the family. We had just moved into our house in October and surprisingly preparing the nursery was not at the top of our list when it came to home projects. We had so much settling to do in the rest of the house that I kept pushing it further down the list. I also knew that we’d receive nursery items as gifts as the time got closer, so I didn’t want to buy too much. Within the last six weeks, I (assisted by my nesting hormones) knew we had to kick it into gear to get that room ready!

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I had been scouring Pinterest and blogs to find inspiration, but couldn’t find a “look” that was exactly what I wanted. I had a few requirements for this space: 1) it needed to be suitable for a boy but not so boyish that everything would have to change for future little ones; 2) it needed to be functional for the baby and also for our constant stream of little friends, nieces, and Life Group kids; and 3) I was determined to stay away from themes or characters.

Here’s a before picture of the room. It’s a very large room for a nursery and has the character of the rest of our 1915 house.

nursery ideas beforeHere’s a roundup of all the projects we took on:

  • To start with, my husband painted the walls gray. We went through several paint samples (and several lively debates) before landing on the final color.
  • I made a simple crib skirt. I used an actual sewing pattern because I had one already, but there are several easy tutorials online.
  • I recovered the roman shades. Our house came with really nice custom roman shades in every room, but none of them were to our taste. I was inspired by blogs that show how to use a cheap white roman shade and cover it with fabric of your choice. So I took my preferred fabric and literally just glued it over the existing fabric. It was a super simple and cheap way to update the windows. (**TIP: I registered for fabric on my baby registry and didn’t think anyone would buy such an unconventional gift. Turns out there were a couple of ladies who were super excited to have a part in creating the nursery and bought it for me!)

nursery ideas chair before & after

  • I found a $30 gliding rocker at Goodwill and recovered the cushions. My mom crocheted a fabulous ottoman pouf that compliments it perfectly. The chair was in great shape and just needed a little love from a magic eraser. I covered the cushions with remnant pieces of fabric. (**TIP: Look for remnant fabric at the fabric store. It’s the small amount of fabric left at the end of the bolt and is highly discounted. You can usually find these rolled up in a bin. These are especially good for small projects and things you can mix and match.)
  • We turned an old Ikea bookshelf on it’s side for a changing table.
  • I gave life to a cheap lamp (another Goodwill find) by painting the base off-white and wrapping the shade with off-white string.
  • My husband built a shelf/hanging rack. As it turns out, closets weren’t a high priority when our old house was built. We had to get a little creative to store clothing. For this we repurposed an iron bar that used to be a curtain rod in our previous house (which was originally repurposed from plumbing supplies).

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  • My husband also built a rocking stand for our Moses basket. He used an Ana Whilte building plan. These plans are great if you have tools and little bit of knowhow when it comes to building. This is one of my very favorite pieces!

nursery ideas bassinet

  • The last thing I wanted to do to finish off the space was to make a feature wall with our baby’s name. We named our son after my Grandpa who was really special to me, so featuring his name was a priority. I saw some pictures of names in big heavy wooden letters that were painted the same color as the wall. I loved the clean simplicity of this, but couldn’t afford those big letters which run at least $24 per letter. So I bought the thinnest letters I could find for around $3 per letter and painted them the same color as the wall. I took two strips of ½ thick foamboard and glued them together to get 1 inch blocks. Then I superglued those to the letters and fixed them to the wall with heavy-duty adhesive tape. It created some dimension and a cool drop shadow effect on the wall. I actually like this effect even better than the expensive wood letters! To finish it off I created a rope letters piece with his first name.

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Rope Letter Tutorial

I knew I wanted to write the name in rope but I couldn’t figure out how to stabilize the rope so it would stay shape on the wall. I remembered how my Grandpa Leil used to make our names from bending coat hangers. He would sit with his pliers and fiddle around with the wire hanger until it spelled our names. So I grabbed some hangers from the closet and began to bend them. I found a font online that I could reference for the shapes of the letters. The letters don’t have to be perfect or have really straight lines (thank goodness) because they will be covered by the rope.

  • It’s hard to see in the picture but this is the form I started with. I had to patch together a couple of hangers because one wasn’t big enough. I just hot glued the pieces together and wrapped them with some string for stabilization.

nursery ideas rope tutorial 1

  • Next I started with the rope. I began hot gluing the rope to the hanger at the beginning and followed the flow of the font. When I came to an intersection in the letters I played around with it to see if it would look better to cross in front or behind the rope that was already there. I also cut the rope in a few places where it wouldn’t bend the way I wanted it to. I found that cutting it and starting again was a cleaner look and the seams are barely noticeable.

nursery ideas rope tutorial 2

  • When I finished with one layer of rope on the letters I finished off the ends with a dot of glue to keep the rope from fraying.

nursery ideas rope tutorial 3

  • I decided I wanted the letters to be a little thicker so I added another layer of rope. I did the same as before following the flow of the font and gluing this layer of rope next to the first layer.

nursery ideas rope tutorial 5And that was it! I hung it with a couple of picture nails and the nursery was complete!

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