There are babies, babies everywhere! Since there are a lot of new mommas and mommas-to-be out there, we thought a series on some helpful tips for that new little bundle in your life might be helpful. Even if you’re not a mom, you know plenty of moms, so pass this“Baby, Baby” post on to them!

Every room in your house can benefit from an organization system, but in nurseries and kids’ rooms a system is especially helpful. With their sizes of clothing changing frequently, and their interest in developmentally-appropriate toys also changing, having a system where you can rotate clothing and toys in and out of your current space helps save time and energy.

nursery organization hints & tips

Furniture & Room Decor

Choosing nursery furniture and room decor that is functional and lends itself to organization can make a big difference in your overall system. For instance, if you have limited space, using a dresser as a changing table is one great way to conserve space. Most changing pads come with an installation kit that includes straps and screws so the pad can be secured to any flat surface. Diapers, wipes, creams and powders can all be stored in a basket beside the changing pad, or even in a top drawer.
nursery - get organized, www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comnursery - get organized, www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comnursery - get organized

Cribs are usually the perfect height to store bins underneath. If you use a bedskirt as part of your decor, you’ve created a perfect hidden storage nook! Cubbies or a bench can also be used in a nursery, and they are a great place to store baskets or bins.nursery - get organized www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comExtra storage can also be incorporated in your decor by including open shelves that hold books, toys, or special photos or mementos. For a twist on that idea, use window boxes to hold stuffed animals or other toys. Small pegboards or hooks can used in strategic spots to display toys, special clothes, or even a small laundry bag.


Closet organization doesn’t have to be static! Take a look at what you need to store in your child’s closet, and sketch out your ideal storage configuration. Remember, rods and shelves can be moved or added to. Most home improvement stores sell a wide variety of closet organization helps. Adding additional rods or shelves to accommodate small children’s clothing and maximize your space can make a huge difference. Rows of shelves can be used to store extra boxes of diapers, bins of clothing, toys, shoes or a number of other items. You can also use an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold accessories besides shoes, such as headbands, bows, socks, washcloths, small towels or even bath time supplies.nursery - get organized www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comnursery - get organized

Bins, Baskets & Drawer Organizers

Organization helps like bins, baskets and drawer organizers can keep your nursery clutter-free. If you’re shopping for a deal, check out TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s or even Big Lots.  Or, if you need more bins than you have budget, save your diaper boxes and cover them with fabric for cute, coordinated bins. If you have limited drawer or closet space, store clothes and shoes that are too big or small in size-labeled bins or vacuum-sealed storage bags.nursery - get organized www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comnursery - get organized www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comBins are also great for storing extra toys or books. Setting up a toy or book rotation system when your kids are young can help you stay organized even as they grow. Finally, drawer organizers can be a big help. Ikea SKUBB organizers are perfect for babies’ small clothes.

Organization systems change and evolve as your baby grows or you add more siblings to the family. Starting with a basic system will help you maintain an easy-to-navigate room that’s peaceful for you and baby!nursery - get organized, www.sophiamaxwellphotography.comnursery - get organized,

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