As we head into Easter Sunday and finish out our series on tablescapes this week, you’ll just love these final creations that are full of life, vibrancy and beauty! If you haven’t yet taken in all the other tablescapes from the week, head on over to our home decor page to check out some spectacular designs for your table this season!

1) Angela Robison | New Song Spring Hill

Items Used: white and gold chevron table runner from target $17; floral plates from Anthropologie $42 (splurge from a gift card 🙂 ); part of a cake stand from Bed, Bath, and Beyond $10 (wedding gift); glass and silver dishes from Goodwill $5 (wedding decor); gold mercury glass candle from target $15; flowers from Kroger $10

Inspiration: I LOVE vibrant colors! So I was inspired by the new floral plates I got, wanted to add some sparkle with our Christmas gold table runner. I enjoy using things that I already own, so I paired a few glass and silver vases with tea light candle holders. I look for levels, dimension and color contrast in decorations. Fresh flowers are my favorite, so I love the pink and yellow spring bunch that I got. This whole look is bright and fun to me!


2) Danielle Stewart | New Song Cool Springs

Items Used: Baby pink, polka-dotted wrapping paper – had it on hand  (found at T.J. Maxx post-Christmas, on sale); Black wrapping paper – Hobby Lobby $5.00; 2 Dozen Roses & Baby’s Breath – Kroger $26.00 total; Votive cups/candles – $3.50; Stripped Square paper –  Hobby Lobby 1 piece 0.25 cents; Ribbons pink/white – had it on hand; Mercury glass candle holders – on hand
Inspired by looking through my already existing Tablescapes Pinterest Board ;), and researching other tablescapes on Pinterest, I came across a wedding that had a Coco Chanel theme and everything evolved from there!  I love baby pink and black, super romantic things, and Chanel so I had a fun time trying to capture the feeling I felt when I saw the wedding inspiration on Pinterest.
The table runner was made by crisscrossing two long pieces of baby pink, black polka-dotted wrapping paper.  I used tea tins wrapped in black wrapping paper as three of the smaller vases, in addition to an actual square vase wrapped in the black paper as the fourth smaller vase.  The centerpiece vase was actually an antique silver teapot that stood higher than the other four to create five total flower arrangements.  I already had the pink/polka-dotted wrapping paper, tea tins, vase, and antique teapot, but you can use any configuration of vase sizes or other containers wrapped in the black paper.  The main idea is to keep uniformity through wrapping the vases/containers.  For one more sweet touch, I used white ribbons of different kinds to tie bows on each of the four black vases.
For the floral arrangements, I chose one dozen ivory roses, tipped in pink hues along with one dozen roses in a vibrant, coral pink.  I arranged the roses in the shorter vases in groupings of four, same colored roses rubber banded together and cut very short to peep out of the top of each of the four square vases.  The centerpiece arrangement was a mix of the remaining roses filled in with baby’s breath with the roses cut to stand about three-four inches above the top of the tea pot.
As far as the table arrangement, I placed the teapot in the center and placed the four square vases around the center with the same color roses opposite one another.  To add a warm, elegant light I used two of my mercury glass candle holders, one round and one cylindrical on opposite sides of the teapot with candles lit; a bit further out from the square vases I also placed glass votive cups with baby pink ribbons and lit candles sitting on black and white striped, square pieces of paper.  Et voila!
3) Bethany Nicholson | New Song Spring Hill
Items Used:
– Chalkboard pots for flowers – Hobby Lobby ($4.99 each, on sale)
– blue vases – some from home, others from Hobby Lobby ($2.99, on sale)
– Decorative scrapbook paper – Hobby Lobby (0.29 each sheet, on sale)
– Chalkboard stand with floral base – Hobby Lobby ($7.99, I think. ha!)
– Flowers (Kroger clearance flowers are awesome if you are looking for something to use right away. The two bouquets I used were marked down to 1.99 and 2.99!)
Inspiration: I looked on pinterest and other sites to find inspiration, but what helped me most in the end was just walking through Hobby Lobby and seeing their different pieces and adding things to my cart as they flowed with a color scheme and overall vision for a bright and colorful table – and what was on sale 🙂
Did you miss any of our tablescapes from the Women’s Retreat? No worries! Just hop over to our home decor page to see more fantastic tablescapes. AND, don’t forget to check out our Easter page this Saturday for some beautiful ideas for Easter!