If you tuned in earlier in the week you would have already ooo0-ed and ahhh-ed over the beautiful tablescapes designed by women throughout New Song Nashville for our retreat in March! If you haven’t seen them yet, you’ll want to head there as soon as you’re finished admiring the tablescapes we’ve got for you here today! Each of these women was given $25 to design a tablescape for a round table seating 9 women per table. Their creativity and thoughtfulness is inspiring!

1) Denise Barnum | New Song Cool Springs
Items Used:
— Multiple bottles, most of which I ended up collecting from around my house. I did buy 3 from Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale  (a red one ($1.49), green one( $1.49), and cobalt blue($3.99)) to get some of the jewel tones I wanted.
–a bronze colored tray (mine)
–Decorative stones in jewel tones (mine)
–Velvet Ribbon– 1-1/2 yds ($ 3.37–JoAnn’s)
–I 10 stem bunch Freesia ($6.99–Trader Joe’s)
–6 stem bunch Mini Gerber Daisies ($3.99)
–Few sprigs Curly Willow (leftover from another floral project)
–Jewel toned table runner (mine)
–Votives (mine)
–Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt and Sugar ($4.79–Trader Joe’s)–A hostess always provides chocolate, especially at a women’s event! 🙂
Inspiration: At first, with such a blank canvas, I was thinking “There are so many possibilities!”  But as I considered it before the Lord, I quickly pictured an eclectic group of several women, seeing each one as unique, individual vessels, in various stages of life, each filled with and producing life out of our own unique personalities and  giftings. From there my inspiration was born. I wanted various bottles in jewel tone colors in different shapes and sizes to fill with bright, vibrant flowers. And I wanted to wrap all the bottles together with cord as a sign that, even in our uniqueness, in the Lord we are bound together and one in the Spirit.  It was actually after that I heard the theme for the weekend, “Being built together in the Spirit,” and I was truly excited for what was on my heart!
2) Olivia Ramsey | New Song Spring Hill
Items Used:
— Bamboo Bowl – Aldi; $6.99
— Decorative Balls – At Home; 2 packages/varieties ~$30
— Succulents – Home Depot; $3.98/each x 4
— White Votive Holders – Dollar Tree; $1/each
— Burlap Ribbon – Hobby Lobby; $13.99 for spool (40% off coupon with mobile app!)
Inspiration: I think the main theme I went with was using what I already had. My apartment is filled with relaxing/natural & wood colors to accent the great old hardwood floors my living room has.  Most of this resides in my living room typically, and I just bought some plants and ribbon to make it fill the table. I enjoy clean lines & simple design.  Adding a little texture with the ribbon and the different decorative balls helped pull it all together.
3) Autumn Smithson | New Song Hermitage
Inspiration + Items Used: It was my stepdaughter Caitlyn’s idea to do a tea-party theme.  I like Victorian stuff, so I went with it.  She helped me sort through the dishes at Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month, when everything is 50% off.  I spent about $12 there and a few other thrift stores for the odd collection of cups and saucers, the table cloth, the gold stand (spray-painted), and the pencil sharpeners that look like a typewriter and phonograph. I bought the succulents at Home Depot for $3.50 each and planted them in the teacups with some extra potting soil (Walgreen’s $2.50) and some rocks that I had on hand.  The antique glass cake plate was a wedding gift.  I got the oversized tea lights at Wal-Mart; they were in a pack of 6 for $2.25.  I had made the crochet bangles (that the tea lights sat in) a long time ago from some yarn and bracelets that were given to me.  I bought the teacup charms at Big Lots for like fifty cents or something.  I added some loose pearl beads and ribbon from my craft bin, and some brooches and earrings from my jewelry drawer.  Done!
3) Gilda Linder | New Song Cool Springs
Items Used: (Purchased from Joann)
— 4 hydrangea stems (on sale $5/ea)
— Flower pot from outdoor/gardening section (on sale $18)
— 3 Turquoise flower candle holders (on sale $9 ea.)
— Roll of decorative string/twine
Tie string around each pot, making sure string will not hang over flame and each pot is unique-you don’t want all the bows to look exactly the same. Use wire cutters to cut stems of hydrangeas to fit into pots.
Inspiration: I went in the store with a few different color combinations and styles in mind. As I looked around at what they had in stock, my ideas began to fall away and new ones formed. I was inspired by the theme of the retreat – being built together in Christ. I saw this flowerpot in the gardening section and liked how all the individual pots were joined into one unit, just as the Body of Christ is. When I saw the color of the pot, I thought it would be fun to play with the color by getting slight variations of it for the flowers and accents. I wanted a flower that would offer fullness without a lot of height, so hydrangeas worked great. Since the vase and flowers were smooth and delicate, I wanted an accent to contrast that. I looked for rustic, rough twine. When I found this one that had more hues of my original color and cute little details, it was the only choice. I wanted to add a splash of color to make the tablescape a little more playful and decided to accomplish this through the candleholders. I saw these and had to choose them. They reminded me of Spring, Easter, life… and they were just so pretty!
Come back later this week to check in on our home decor page and our Easter page for more awesome tablescape ideas!