As promised, we wanted to showcase some beautiful tablescapes from the amazing women who hosted the tables at the New Song Women’s Retreat. They were each given $25 to create a tablescape of their choosing, and these ladies were uber (is that a real word?) creative. You’re going to L-O-V-E the results, and each of these tablescapes will give you some great ideas for your own table this season! Since there were several tables, we can’t possibly do them justice in one blog post, so be on the lookout the rest of this week on our home decor page for more tablescapes in episodes 2 + 3. 😉

1) Jessica Dehmlow | New Song Cool Springs

Items used: 2 hot pink square bistro place mats- $2.49 ea.- Old Time Pottery; 1 mirror tile- used from home; 1 storage book- used from home; 1 mason jar-used from home; 1 bag of pearls- used from home; 3 different stems of fake flowers-$3.99/$1.29/$1.29- Old Time Pottery; scrapbook paper- used from home

Inspiration: My inspiration came from Pinterest.  I searched “Black Table Decor.” I really liked a table setting I saw based in a black and white theme, accented with bright spring colors of pink, orange, yellow, and green.  I thought I would just recreate that exact table, but I felt the Holy Spirit reminded me of the storage book I had.  It is black and white with the “Love Chapter” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 creatively inscribed around it.  Knowing our retreat’s theme for the weekend was “Being Build Together In The Spirit” I realized that anything that is built must have a strong foundation, and love is the strongest foundation we can be built together on.  There can be no unity without knowing and experiencing God’s love in our life, and the love we must extend to one another.  Therefore, that became my centerpiece that everything else was based around.
tablescapes 1
2) Lea Hicks | New Song Spring Hill
Items Used: Old books, gold spray-painted picture frame, re-purposed bottle from my kitchen for a vase and a folded tablecloth for the runner.  I got the pearls from a yard sale as well as the clock and large frame which were spray-painted.  The scrapbook paper under the frame glass was .50 cents from JoAnn’s and the Urn was bought from Varage Sale (on-line yard sale).  The flowers were $20 from Kroger.
Inspiration: My inspiration was from Pinterest Vintage wedding displays.
3) Linda Oakley | New Song Cool Springs
Items Used: The stemware with green stems and green base was purchased at Old Time Pottery for $1.49 each topped with yellow candles at $1.00 each. The votive cups held four green candles priced at $1.29 each.  The three sheets of paper were purchased at Hobby Lobby for $.29 each.  Flower bouquet and 4 flower stems were purchased at Kroger for $14.00.  I purchased the candy cups and candy as a personal gift to the table guests.
Inspiration: The idea of using yellow with a touch of green inspired my tablescape. After researching, I decided to use two different decor elements together. The centerpiece was a vase with floating lemons holding a bouquet of flowers.  The candlelight was four stemware glasses inverted providing a candle platform.  Under each stemware was a flower bud.  To add more light to the table I used four votive cups to fill in space around the stemware.  The vase and candlelight sat upon three yellow with white polka dot paper squares arranged in a triangle.  The cost will vary depending on your personal items used. {TIP: To remove dripping candle wax from stemware use a blow dryer to soften wax for easy removal.}
Don’t forget to check in on our home decor page and our Easter page later this week for more fabulous tablescape ideas!