Don’t you just love to travel? Even if it’s just an hour away, there’s something refreshing about getting out of the daily routine and hitting the road for a bit! With the New Song Women’s Retreat coming up very soon, we thought you might appreciate our top packing tips, as well as a little help with WHAT and HOW to pack for this retreat and others like it. Whether you’re in the camp of loving to pack, or more of the un-packing type, or even if you keep waiting for your maid to show up and do the packing for you, these tips will give you what you need to get ready!

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Packing Tips:

PLAN AHEAD. 1)Plan the day/time to pack (make sure you’re not hungry or sleepy, this will make it a bummer to pack!). 2) Plan the bag you’ll use. 3) Plan what you’ll pack (check out our What To Pack section below!). For those of you who aren’t the planning type, let us inspire you that heeding the plan ahead tip will serve you greatly as the trip approaches. Planning = less stress. Planning = more time. Planning = ensures you don’t forget your toothbrush and have bad breath the entire weekend!

PACK IN STAGES. Packing in stages will help you get it all in the bag! Start with clothes/shoes, then move on to toiletries, then jewelry/accessories, next electronics, and last reading items. The “What To Pack” section below will give you great guidance.

PACK SMART. As tempting as it is to just throw it all in the bag with no rhyme or reason, you’ll be so thankful when you get to your destination if you pack smart. Check out our “How To Pack” list below for some great ideas!

What To Pack:

Just click on the image below to download your very own checklist!

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How To Pack:

These are some great ideas on how to pack that will keep your clothes clean, your jewelry findable, and your unmentionables safe and sound.

  1. Pack the heavy stuff in the bottom, such as shoes, jeans, etc.
  2. Pack shoes in a plastic shower cap or wrap up in plastic wrap (or if you want to get really fancy, buy a shoe bag!).
  3. Utilize those cups in your bra – fold your panties and socks inside the cups, then fold over.
  4. Roll your clothes to keep them from wrinkling.
  5. If you don’t have a jewelry bag, simply wrap your jewelry in plastic wrap to keep those necklaces from getting tangled, and keeps earrings from getting lost.
  6. Pack liquid toiletries in zip lock bags. And, to ensure they don’t leak, simply open the lid and put a piece of plastic wrap on the tip, then screw the lid back on.
  7. Pack toiletries in the middle of your suitcase in case there are breakable bottles, etc.
  8. Pack phone and notebook chargers in a spare glasses case.
  9. Pack a plastic grocery bag or small plastic garbage bag for dirty clothes.
  10. Put a dryer sheet inside the bag to keep things from getting musty.

There you have it! Everything you’ll need for the Retreat all in one place. And, don’t forget to register if you haven’t yet. Head on over to the Women’s Retreat Registration page here. Happy travels!