I love to use my craftiness to repurpose old stuff and make it new and cute! The fall weather always gets me in the mood to start decorating, and I love warm, fall colors. With four kids and busy schedules, it is really hard to have time alone to shop around for the perfect supplies, and there’s usually not extra funds for that “already put together” display at the store. I can be so tempted to just go on a shopping spree for the perfect set up at Target, Pier One or Hobby Lobby, but where is the fun, personal touch in that?! So, as I lay even the smallest things before the Lord, I love to see the ideas He gives me to use what I already have. Then He usually surprises me and provides beyond my expectations!

Okay, so my front porch is usually filled up with everything but warm, inviting décor (shoes, toys, rocks, dead bugs, and mud pies, just to name a few!). I am going to share with you today a project I took on recently to clean up and decorate my front porch using what I already have, which is also a reminder to me to be content and thankful for what I’ve been blessed with.

diy front porch

1) Collect Supplies! The treasures already hiding in your garage, closets, and nature in your backyard. If you’re not a collector like me and your house is completely organized and cleaned out, that’s great! You can go treasure hunting at Goodwill and the local dollar store. Use your creativity and think outside the box. Look at shapes textures and colors, not what the item is actually used for.

I collected:

  • Containers of all sorts
  • Old frames
  • Fabric pieces
  • Scrap papers
  • Buttons
  • Strings / Ribbon
  • Sticks, Berries, Acorns my daughter found at the park
  • Old wall paint / Spray paint

The only things I bought :

  • Flowers – inexpensive at Kroger and Walmart. Sometimes you can get the managers special before they completely die and revive them
  • Pumpkins
  • One bag of potting soil

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2) Paint and Create!

  • Pots – Choose size and shapes that go well together. Paint all one color and immediately the junky mismatched stuff becomes a set. I used a metallic bronze spray paint that has a little shimmer in the sun. Then fill with potting soil and flowers.
  • Pumpkins – There are endless ways to decorate your pumpkins. This could be a fun way to involve the kiddos. I chose to do a monogram by tracing a letter M printout and painting with my wall paint, and a chevron pattern using painters tape (See pictures)
  • Door Wreath – I didn’t have an actual wreath but I had these great old frames I bought from Goodwill a while back. I added a little paint, fabric flowers, sticks, acorns and scripture banner. Fabric and paper flowers are great for everything and so easy to use. Pinterest has endless ideas for these. You could also collect sticks and make your own cool wreath right from nature. I just didn’t have time this go ’round, but it’s something on my list for the mantle in the future.

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3) Arrange and Enjoy!

Now arrange all of your beautiful new pieces on the front porch and enjoy your handmade work! Voila! Much Better!

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As I mentioned earlier,  there is usually a little blessing beyond what I originally thought. As I was finishing up this project, someone unexpectedly gave me two outdoor chairs, a table, and a couple of pillows. That was exactly what I wanted, but knew I couldn’t buy right away. Now, I can sit outside and relax in the fall weather while my kids play in the yard.

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I hope this inspires you to do some of your own creating in your home with what you already have. You’ll be amazed at what you didn’t realize was already there. Just pull it all out and see what you can come up with. Have fun!

Kristina Martinez

kristina martinez

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